AI Maze Generator

AI Maze Generator

Create, solve and download random maze puzzles in any size or color with this online tool. Enter the values for your maze design below and click the "Generate Maze" button.

The recursive backtracking algorithm is used to create the mazes.

recursive backtracking algorithm

A* search algorithm

Click the colors below to select a color from a color pallete.

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1. How do I create my own maze?
- To create your own maze, just input the specifications for your maze design such as wall thickness, columns, rows, maze entries, and bias on the website. Once you've entered these details, hit the "Generate Maze" button, and voilĂ ! Your custom maze will be generated.
2. How to randomly generate a maze?
- Generating a random maze is a breeze. Specify the number of columns, rows, and maze entries, and adjust the bias to control the complexity. After setting your preferences, simply click the "Generate Maze" button to create a unique maze layout.
3. How to do a maze?
- "Doing a maze" could mean either creating or solving one. To create, follow the steps above. To solve, you can either manually trace a path from the entrance to the exit or use the A* search algorithm provided on the site to find the shortest path.
4. How to draw a maze puzzle?
- To draw a maze puzzle, you can use the online tool on the site. Generate a maze, then download the image of the maze and use graphic editing software to further edit or print it out.
5. Is maze free to use?
- yes,it's free
6. How to build a laser maze?
- The website doesn't provide specific instructions for building a laser maze, which typically involves physical components like laser emitters, mirrors, and obstacles. Building one would require physical setup and knowledge of electronics.
7. What is any maze software?
- "Any maze software" likely refers to computer programs designed for creating or solving mazes. The website you're asking about is an online maze generator that can generate random mazes and provide solutions.
8. What is maze app?
- A "maze app" refers to applications designed for smartphones or tablets that allow users to create, solve, or play maze games. While the website itself may not be an app, it offers similar functionalities for generating and solving mazes online.
9. Is maze good for the brain?
- Yes, mazes are considered brain-friendly as they can enhance problem-solving skills, spatial reasoning, and logical thinking. Working through a maze can be a fun way to exercise different parts of the brain and improve cognitive functions.